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Welcome to my developper blog! 🧑‍💻

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Hello Friend!

Thank you for visiting my site. Let me briefly introduce myself!

I am an IT enthusiast - one could say geek - currently working as a Platfrom Lead for a company in London. I have been working in various IT roles over the past decade. I am primarily focused on IT operations, working with technologies such as VMWare, Azure, AWS…just to name a few. I also keen on using IaC tools and working on my Devops knowledge. I like to think about myself as a “Jack of all trade” in IT. I also use many of the tools and technologies in my personal projects - albeit in these ones I heavily focus on FOSS software if possible.

When I am not working on IT projects, I spend my free time with friends and family - my daughter is my World - and enjoy traveling (my favourite destinations are my home country of Hungary and espececially the countries of the Mediterranean ). I am also a histroy-buff, an avid gamer and series-junkie.