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My First Post

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Foreword #

This is a special post. I just migrated my blog to this new technology, and automated it’s workflow! The old page was a-OK, but it was built on WordPress, and it was far from being developper-friendly. It’s building process meant logging on to the WordPress console, and editing the contents there. We live in the age of software development, so that is not the way to go in 2023…

Those who visited the old site, might remember I had some other articles…I decided, as part of the fresh start I bring over only the articles from the last 6 months.

Technologies #

This new version is built on a few new technologies:

  • it is run on Hugo as a blog engine, using the awsome Congo theme
  • the entire blog is code-driven, within a Github repository
  • I am doing the editing in the friendly Markdown format
  • for hosting I still use AWS, but from AWS Lightsail I moved to AWS Amplify

Workflow #

graph LR A[Developper] -->|Submit the code| B(GitHub) B -->|CI/CD with Hugo| C[AWS Amplify] C -->|hosting| D[AWS Route53] D --> E[Your browser]

This is the current flow of my development for this site.

  • I ran hugo server locally, while working on the site.
  • Once I m happy with the state of the site, I run hugo to publish it locally.
  • After this, I commit it to my private GitHub repository.
  • This repository is connected to an AWS Amplify app. So when the main branch receives a PR, it triggers a continous deployment –> the site will then deploys with the updated content.


The part I am currently working on is to automate the publishing of the posts into some other platforms I follow, such as Dev and Medium, so that I can increase my reach.

I might even start vlogging about this on Youtube - please bear with me on this one!